Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!, Folge 16: Hellmuth Opitz, »Madame Rowenta«

Lustful Things

German Poetry Now: A bilingual online-anthology, featured by DAS GEDICHT chapbook   Hellmuth Opitz Madame Rowenta In that case anybody could show up with his wrinkles! She’s always fuming, you can hear her roar, unlike the law she doesn’t treat everybody equal: Madame Rowenta is the concierge of ironing boards. She’s hard as iron and takes nothing but white collars. Light blue? Well, that’s okay that’s somewhat posh The rest is junk. Is cheap. Is Bangladesh. She hollers. But one might just as well call it Racism, o gosh! And yet she also has her charms. You’d be impressed: whenever […]