Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!, Folge 21: Anton G. Leitner, »This cigar«

Lustful Things

German Poetry Now: A bilingual online-anthology, featured by DAS GEDICHT chapbook   Anton G. Leitner This cigar A real hottie Scrumptious Mutters the little Tobacco shop Girl in her black and white Mini Pleated Skirt and Promptly A rocket in your Trouser pocket Bukowski If I had Polished Rhymes now On hand, like I know something Else That’ll tickle Your palate And the likes of me Do indeed always Think of Heinrich Karl Bukowski Born 1920 In Andernach And whatever else He sputtered about Went to hell In L.A. Scholarly Alibi Literary digression Sinful Ass-thetics 69 Cents per Sumatra Giant […]