Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!, Folge 31: Kerstin Hensel, »Thingamajig«

Lustful Things

German Poetry Now: A bilingual online-anthology, featured by DAS GEDICHT chapbook   Kerstin Hensel Thingamajig The thing in itself Is irresolvable In itself as a thing-word Says nothing else than To be a thingamajig But To pin it down That thing in itself May work well with other things Says this Mr. Thingster over there Sounds the thingspeeper in the grandfather clock Ding Dong! And don’t forget Thingau (zip code 87648)!   translated by Paul-Henri Campbell     »Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!« im Archiv »Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!« is an online collection of contemporary German-language poetry in English […]